Sunday, November 10, 2013

Natural Beauty

Sunday Meskin Measures.

How is it that most people agree the later period of Mort Meskin's work was not his best, but almost every single story I see has something impressive to be noted? I see two factors: the subject matter of these stories did not always agree with Meskin's best qualities. Whenever he had to draw strange imaginary beasts or aliens, he was never as good as is contemporaries (especially Lee Elias, in my opinion). But when he was asked to draw exotic locales or landscapes that occur in nature, it was always impressive. Too bad the editors at DC seemed to be more occupied with trying to get Meskin to do things their way than with tailoring stories to his strengths. Fortunately, sometimes it all worked out, such as in this beauty. Only too bad about the menacing hamster at the end.

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