Thursday, December 19, 2013

Going Down

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Because I missed posting last Thursday, here is a longer run of Frank Giacoia's Thorn McBride. Giacoia had several newspaper series. On most he used so many ghosts that it is hard to identify his own style, although judging by his work for Ziff Davis in the early fifties it looks a lot like the stuff Carmine Infant and Gil Kane did for DC later in the same decade. On this last strip he seems to have done more by himself, but the upshot of it was that he couldn't maintain it. after only a couple of months Mel Keefer took over and ran the strip for more than a years after that. I may have shown some of these before, but this was such a good condition run I had to show it all.

Oops, I posted these before! Well, let me make it up by posting some of the later ones by Mel Keefer as well.

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