Friday, December 20, 2013

Star Material

Friday Comic Book Day.

After yesterday's Thorn McBride I took another look at Frank Giacoia's early work. Here are two stories have his name on it from Ziff Davis' Amazing Adventures series. The first is supposed to be drawn by Murphy Anderson and possibly Sy Barry, but it looks as much as Giacoias personal style as I know. The second is a bit more stiff,but that may be because of the subject matter. It is supposed to be inked by John Giunta.


Larry Rippee and Molly Rea said...

Great artwork by Frank Giacoia and company (I can't imagine that Murphy Anderson worked on it. GCD believes he did).

I enjoyed reading the story but it seems to be missing an ending. Do you have the final page?

Thanks again for the posts.

-Larry Rippee

Alberto said...


"The Princess of the Future" has touches of Dan Barry here and there. I'm pretty sure Dan did part of the artwork, with Giacoia doing the rest and inking.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

I agree. It was one of those things I noticed, but didn't register.