Monday, January 20, 2014

Birds Eye Vew

Saturday Leftover Day.

Looking through St. John's other 100 page kiddie book, a Christmas special, for more of Walt Scott's work, I came across a nide story by on eof my other favorites, Klaus Nordling. At that point Nordling was working for Will Eisnel, either on the last years of the Spirit or the first years of PS and what would later be called American Visuals. Together with Eisner he had developed a funny/kids style that was slightly different than his previous energetic Jack Cole inpired work. This leans more towards that style. This 'Birds Eye Kids' style is similar to the one used by Joe Maneely and David Gantz (We3) in the late fifties. Like the Walt Scott material yesterday, it may very well have been collected from another (company's) book.

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