Friday, January 17, 2014

Scott For Free

Friday Comic Book Day

Over the yers I have shown of the work of Walt Scott. A regular of the NEA bullpen and features, he did special information strips, handled the Captain Easy for a couple of years, did political cartoons in the fifties, introduced his 'Litte People' through the NEAChristmas strip and ended up doing years and years on the Little People Sunday strip. Some people don't like his wrk, especilly on the Sunday Captain Easy and it is true that his style can shift from plesantly stylized to lifeless. But his pretty women were always pretty, his colors were always sparkling and when he drew cute, there were few people who could match him. One of those artists who deserve a better look. As I am quite familiar with his style, I noticed that he contributed two stories to St. John's 100 page Kiddie Carnival one-shot. I was not aware of any similar kiddy books from this publisher in this period and in fact it looks as if the stries here were originally created for Ziff-Davis kiddie book Fairy Tales. So I had a look and indeed, the contents of this book (an possibly the similar 100 page christmas book from St. John I am downloading right now) seems to come from Faily Tales #11 at least. Well, let me look into this further while you enjoy the work of Walt Scott...

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