Monday, January 27, 2014

Mort Meeskeen

Sunday Meskin Measures.

The next installment in this littlerun of stories Mort Meskin did for Prize Comics Western in the mid fifties, is one of a few stories he did with Bill Draut. Like Meskin, Draut was an alumnus from the Simon/Kirby studios and their styles fit very well together. Since Meskin could do the whole job himself, it is not clear why he (or the editor) farmed this one out. It looks to me as if the two really worked togter here, with Meskin pencilling and Bill Draut inking and possibly adding to the pencils where necessary. The resut is a much slicker Meskin job than some of his others. With the added pleasure of it being unreadable because of the pidgin Spanish the hero of the story uses...

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