Monday, January 27, 2014

No Dope

Saturday Leftover day.

I am very interested in the work of comic and newspaper strip artists while they were enlisted in the army. I am also very interested in the work of Will Eisner. So it figures that I have tried to get as much as possible from the work Eisner did from late 1942 to the end of the work with his army paper in Aberdeen and later with the Ordnance Unit. To my surprise, a random search on ebay showed me that there is a British firm that manufactures reprints of some of Eisner's war posters featuring Joe Dope (a character that he used fro his earliest war work to PS magazine, with a newspaper strip version for army newspapers in between). I am showing here what they have got, but it seems that is only a fraction of Eisner's actual output. Sadly this influential period of Eisner's work, that shows his growth of an artist without the normal use of assistants, has never been fully researched or reprinted.

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