Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Other Mort

Friday Comic Book Day.

Earlier this week I shared a long run of Mort Drucker's nineteen eighties newspaper strip Benchley. Today I have some equally unfamiliar work for his first period as an artist. I knew Mort Drucker was supposed to have drawn some work in the Abbott & Castello title from the early fifties. I had come across his name when I was reading one of the first Comic Book Guides I ever bought about twenty five years ago. But when I tried t get issues I always ended up with those drawn by the main artist an originator of the series. So I gave up. Yesterday I came across an issue on the Digital Comics Museum that not only had Drucker in it, but he drew and signed the cover as well. I picked a couple of stories for you, two of which have the pretty girls he liked to do so much. I never was a fan of his work on the similar Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis titles he worked on for DC. But here his style is even more Owen Fitzgerald like and all the better for it.

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