Monday, March 10, 2014

Smart Ass

Monday Cartoon Day.

Two weeks ago, when he linked to a Jery Robinson post on my blog, frequent visitor Stephen DeStephano remarked that he knew the artist who started as Bob Kane's asssistant on Batman (and co-inventor of The Joker, at least), Mort Meskin inker and collaborator in the late forties, Steve Ditko and others' art teacher in the early fifties, Timely artist, Jet scott artist, illustrator and writer of the best book on newspaper comics of his day as the artist on the silly and weirdly drawn Sunday Feature Classroom Flubs and Fluffs, which lllustrated goofs and bloopers from the classroom, which were sent in by the readers and which was published in the seventies. I have quite a few of those, all waiting to be scanned in, but here is one I did earlier. Together with an article on his other, slightly earlier daily panel Still Life, in which inanimate objects commented on the daily news and political scene. I have never managed to come across a longer run o those but I sure would like to see them. It seems like Mr. Robinson was the typical New York Liberal Jew Randy Newman sings about in his song Rednecks. My kind of guy.


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