Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Way Of All Grass

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I wanted to try and do the first few weeks of Tumbleweed, but for some reason the intrenet is slow today and I can't et a good run reay in time. Instead, here are some I collected earlier. I used to read this strip when I was a kid and I am immensely fond of it. It has the sarcastic tone of the old B.C., the old Wizard of Id, The Circus of P.T. Bimbo and currently Diamond Lil by Brett Koth (who used to work as an assistant to Jim Davis, who used to work as an assistant to J. K. Ryan on Tumbleweed.


Brett Koth said...

Thanks for the compliment, Ger! That's some pretty rare company you've placed me in - I'm a big fan of all of those strips you mentioned. Also, to correct you, I still do work with Jim, and have since 1986. And these Tumbleweeds strips are wonderful - more, please!

Brett Koth said...
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