Thursday, April 17, 2014

Calling Dr. Frank

Thursday Story Strip Day.

We live in the Golden Age of reprint, which doesn't mean anything and everything gets reprinted. In a marketplace that can't sell a regular series of Big ben Bolt reprints, one doesn't have to expect a reprint of Frank Thorne's Dr. Guy Bennett. Es[ecially since it is not a particulary well written strip. As far as medical soap operas go, this is a lame one. Still, it is noce to see Frank Thorne's development as an artist over the years he drew it. He was not the first artist. The strip was started and drawn for the first two years by Jim Seed, who later went on to do Jane Arden. In Jerry Bails Who's Who there is no mention of a Sunday strip, although there clearly was. It started in the Seed period and extended into the years that Thorne dre the strip. I do have the impression it was stopped after a couple of years, though. I haven't checked Alan Holtz' Encyclopedia, he might have the actual start and finish dates.

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