Friday, April 18, 2014

Criminal Justice

Friday Comic Book Day.

When I was going through scans of Timely titls to look for Fred Kida's work for last Friday's post, I came across All-True Crime Cases #48, a specil 52 page issue of that longstanding crime comic from the company where Stan Lee was the overall editor. Two months later, they decided to add an extra month to the books by shortening the return time of their output, filling the artificial hole with 52 page Spring issues for many of their titles (not including All-True). Why they would give this one title a 52 page regular issue two months before that I don't know, but we are the lucky ones since it contained not only the Fred Kida story I showed last week, but also three (!) stories by George Tuske. The first was written by Hank Chapman, a prolific writer (and sometimes editor) for Stan Lee, who would soon switch to doing war stories only (ending his career as a comic book writer doing war stories for DC, while moving to Arizna to become a photographer). The real All-True Crime here is that in the Price Guide this single double issue is not priced any higher than it's regular sized 'neighbours'. Get it before the word gets out.

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