Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hilee Hilo

Saturday Leftover Day.

Of coure, the so-called 'Dutch' humor of the late ninetenth century had nothing to do with The Netherlands, but more with a German (Deutsch) tradition. Still, the name was out there, so windmills and dikes and stuff like that was used as well. The name Kartoffelschnitz is pure German. We call that 'aardappelschijf'. This was an almost daily strip, by the way.

As one of my followers noted, this remarkable strip was drawn by Johnny Gruelle, who later became famous as the creator of Raggady Ann and Andy. I remember vaguely knowing that, although I can not find how I found that out. On The Stripper' Guide there is no mention of this strip, but Alan Holtz does have 1908 as the year of Gruelle's 'first' strip Andy handy.


fortunato said...

It was by Johnny "Raggedy Ann" Gruelle.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yoi know, I must have seen that when I clipped it but didn't remember when I posted it. Thanks for the reminder.