Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Toth Runneth

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Last week blogger Joachim rom Sevkenkonst found an Alex Toth Roy Rogers that ha not been seen by us before. It is from the same period in late 1960 when Tot did a month of the dailies for nominal artist Al Stenzel. He dropped into the middel of a storyline and did his four weeks, so it is not surprising that he might have done one (or more Sundays as well). And because the deadline for Sundays are different from those for the dailies, they appaered at a different date. SO there may be more out there is what I am saying.

Looking for some of those, I came across a series f Roy Rogers dailies from a much earlier period that looked like they vould have been done by Toth as well. At first glance anyway. The cleft chin was something Toth used a lot in his later work. BUt taking down more of that storyline, I saw it probably was the regular artist of the series at that time. Loking at the arwork and the records, that vould be Hy Mankin, who really was a remarkable accomplished artist. He worked on Roy Rogers for a couple of years and I will show some more of it later, because it is quite good.

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