Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Tusk Runneth

Friday Comic Book Day.

Geirge Tuska started out (or at least found fame) as one of the artists on Gleason's crime books in the mid forties. In the fifties he returned to the still running outfit with new stories for Crime Must Pay and Crime and Punishment. His style had matured by then, most notably after a stint at Standar, in the company of artist such as Alex Toth, Ross Andru, Mike Sekowsky and inker Mike Peppe. What remained was his impeccable sense of design, like Toth he always knew what to put where. Which is probably what allowed him to draw so quickle and enabled him to first become the new artist of Scorchy Smith (daily and Sunday) and then take over Buck Rogers. Later on, he was one of a few fifties artists who adapte very well to superheroes, so he kept on working all through the sixties, seventies and eighties. But I like his non superhero work best, when he stil was doing a sort of Milt Caniff light.

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