Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Domestic Horror

Sunday Meskin Measures.

In the late fifties Mort Meskin did a couple of stories together for Harvey. They represent some of the best work he did in that period. Some of the stories didn't get published when their horror titles were halted for a year (or more likely: cancelled and reinstated). I knew about MacBeth, a great story from which the originals survived. I think I even showed it here. I can't remember seeing this one at Heritage Auction House, even though it has in the archives there for a while. It was scheduled for Chamber of Chills #24 (and sold by Heritage as such), but never used there. There may be a couple of places where George Roussos helped on the inking, but all in all I believe this is pure Meskin.


jhegenbe said...

agreed, and what a wonderful artist he was. Lots of detail.
I can't help wondering who the little man is way in the back of the 4th panel on page 2.

Paul Tumey said...

Breathtaking art! Thanks for sharing! This post got called out in Dan Nadel's blog at The COmics Journal. http://www.tcj.com/goodbye-eric/

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yeah, thanks to Dan I got a lot of extra traffic. I am now nearing my 2.000.000th page view. I should have mentioned this is a 1955 piece, though. Not 1951, as Dan guessed.