Monday, September 15, 2014

No Escape

Saturday Leftover Day.

Some friends of mine on the Comic Book Historians Facebook group found an early newspaper clipping about comic book legend from 1954. It was already known that he had been an escape artist before becoming on eof the comic book kind, but according to this clipping he was already showing people how to escape police handcuffs when he was fourteen! I went online and found a couple more clippings, a follw up of sorts two years later... all from Pnnsylvania papers and all reportng on the same event.

The Plain Speaker, Feb 2 1956

The Daily Record, Feb 4 1956

The Gettysburg Times, Feb 6 1956

For those who don't know, Jim Steranko went on to work for Marvel in the sixties, starting out as a Kirby imitator, but very soon adding his own brilliance to the mix, making SHIELD hip for the sixties and a household name at Marvel. He went on to do many more books, including a great two part oversized series on the history of comics and the newspaper sized magazine Mediascene.

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