Monday, October 13, 2014

The Powell That Be

Friday Comic Book Day.

Having shown some of Lee Elias' war work for Harvey last week, I feel I should show you some of the work Bob Powell was producing at the same time. Like Elias, most of the attention these days is going to his horror work, but he was very well suited to the war genre as well. Where I am looking at Elias for his gorgous inking line, Powell impresses with his storytelling, the total desig of his pages and the expressiveness of his characters. Of course he worked with inkers Howad Nostrand and Mart Epp at this time, but his own style always comes through.


The Art of Bob Chambers said...

Heritage Auctions has the original art for "The Fear of Death" for sale. Amazing how much Powell put into the blue wash on the art. Why would he bother on comics being printed in color?

Angeline B. Adams said...

I imagine that it was also published in black/white with zip tone somewhere.
What amazes me is the amount of white-out used - he seems to have had second thoughts about what the kid should look like.

The Art of Bob Chambers said...

Yes, maybe the Harvey editors asked for the kid to be revised. I've heard the Harvey editors would call for a lot of revisions, but their page rates were the highest in the business at the time.