Friday, October 10, 2014

Secret Agency

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Some time ago I showed a longer Sunday run of the early fifties adverture strip Roger Lincoln by Milt Luros. Luros has taken over the strip from Nick Cardy, when it was still called Cynthia, introduced the character of Roger Lincoln, given it a science fiction setting and gone his own way. The name change was a logical result. What wasn't, was the fact that science fiction illustrator and author Luros changed the strip from it's science fiction wetting back to a more common urban crime setting. If the strip was still set in the near future wa not answered. I showed th first science fiction Sundays, here's what I have of the last year of the strip. As Cynthia, it had apparently built up a big audience, because it took a long time to wind down.


fortunato said...

"Gino was killed by red fascisti seven years ago"?

Ok, these Sundays are from 1952 and there was the Cold War, but "red fascists"...

And, as an Italian, I'd prefer not to comment on the usual bad use of Italian (or pseudo-Italian) words… ;P

Ger Apeldoorn said...

The Fascisti... not an actual group? I gues The Red Fascisti was a better name than The Really Really Bad Guys.