Saturday, January 31, 2015

All Lights Are Green

Friday Comic Book Day.

Last week's Green Lantern stories by Alex Toth were a big succes. And rightly so. Toth's early work is not collected, because most of it was done for DC (whose policy it is to reprint only the adventures of their most 'successful' heroes after their earlier efforts of complete runs of certain titles failed - I am still waiting for the last few Plastic Man books). Artists like Toth, who jumped from one series to the next in the late forties, remain on the shelf. Here is another one of those unexoected jumps, when Toth drew Streajk, the wonder dog for Green Lantern #36. Later he would also do the first few issues of Streak's own title.


Atomic_Scout said...

I loved this - thanks for sharing. I had never heard of Streak before.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I will try and show some more. I only knew Streak from his own series, the first of which were drawn by Toth after which Gil Kame took over for most of the fifties. I did know Toth had drawn a similar dog in a western setting in one of DC western series. I will show the progression and work out the precise history.