Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Most Glamourous Car Of It's Period

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In the early forties illustrators started devolping a comic book style for their ads. I don't know who the artist for this ad is, but I don't think it was an actual comic book or newspaper strip man. He did however take a good look at the then current chiascuro style 'invented' by Milt Caniff and Noel Sickles on terry and the Pirates.

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Smurfswacker said...

This is another interesting unstudied area of "sequential art."There were there a lot of these painted panel ads, most in greyscale.

What's more several magazines--especially the early Look--told stories in the same way. I have a couple of war-related panel stories on subjects that couldn't be told with photos. Noel Sickles drew one of them.