Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Something To Make Everyone Smile

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Today a few bits and pieces. First, I have a VIP ad, that goed well with mondays True post. Secondly a Hank Ketcham ad to go with the Dennis the menace post from two weeks ago. And thirdly, two very different Ipana ads from 1948 and 1952. The first one is a daily, the second a badly scanned Sunday. What makes them interesting is the fact that this account is supposed to have been handled by Stan Drake. I have read in an interview somewhere that he was one of a few artists allowed to sign his work for Johnstone and Cushing, but neither of these are signed. I can see his style in the first panel of the Sundday, but the rest of it is less clear. What do you think?

I am finishing with yet another one of Dik Brownes gorgeous Camels cartoon ads. Recently I came across a comic section in a store in Brussels, that had one of Brownes signed Roger Wilco ads. Alas, the asking price of 30 euros was too much for me and the store holder was so kind I didn't even dare to declare my interest (as he had already given me several other things for free and I didn't want to look greedy). But maybe I can persuade him to exchance scans...

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