Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It's Not Just Me

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

It's Me, Dilly was a delightful, wonderfully drawn and funny comic strip from the late fifties by Alfred Andriola and Mel Casson. Although it wasn't actually drawn by Andriola himself, but by his main Kerry Drake assistant Sururi Gumen. THere are some comic book historians that say Andriola did in fact never drawn anything on any of his trips, always relying on his assistants. If so, he certainly knew how to manage them and get a good career out of it. Dilly gave Gumen the chance to break away from the style set by Andriola (or his previous assistants) before him. Funny enough, after Dilly folded, Kerry Drake ended up being drawn in the rounder Dilly style more and more. The strip itself was a clever variation on a topic that had been around (and failed) in comic strips before that. The adventures of a pretty girl in showbusiness had been attempted by Gil Fox and Selma Diamond for Jeannie, by Val Heinz in Dawn O'Day and by Bill Dyer's much younger Patsy in Hollywood. There were also comic book versions of this theme: Hedy of Hollywood from Stan Lee's Timely outfit and Bob Oksner's Miss Beverly Hills of Hollywood from DC.

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