Monday, July 20, 2015

War Is Hell (But Necessary) 2

Chapter Two.

Hank Chapman was an American comic book writer, who worked for Timely/Atlas (the umbrella name for all of Martin Goodman's company names before it was called Marvel in 1961) and Marvel's main competitor DC. Born in 1915, he wrote superhero stories for Timely in the early forties, including this infamous story for Human Torch #5, which was produced by a whole group of artists and writers over one long weekend in 1941.

After a couple of years Chapman joined the air force and fought in the European theatre. More than the bare bone facts about this period is not known, although he did write a short prose story called The Day I Died for the book Military Intelligence: It's Heroes And Legends. In it he tells how he survived a fall from a plane while working as a photogunner. He later told a similar story in comic book form for Timely/Atlas, which by then was being run by the notorious Stan Lee.

I am opening with the first Chapman war story in my files. Not yet a Korea story and not yet as negative as some of his later ones.

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