Sunday, July 19, 2015

War Is Hell (But Necessary) Part 1

Day One.

From tomorrow I will bring you part of a text I presented at a Comics Conference at the University of Amsterdam last month. I tired to use my podium among the scolars to highliight the importance not to rely on the information that has been given us by comic book heistorians before us, but to go back to the original sources as they arre gievn us these days trough reprint books and sites such as The Digital Comic Book Museum and blogs like that of Ken Quattro, Michael Vassalo, Paul Tumey and myself. As a sample, I presented the case of Hank Chapman, one of the most fascinating and forgotten comic writer sof the fifties, who wrote some of the most cruel and anti-war comics of his time. I illustrated the talk with images taken from Hank Chapman's war comics of 1951-195. To be able to do that I collected 70+of his stories from various scan sites. I will represent the best of these along with the text in a chronological order. That is not the order that they are used in the text, so I will try and keep the original illustrations as well. But if you read the stories along with them, over the next few weeks you will get  good impression of Chapman's work and maybe. like me, you will have a new appreciation of his aristry and his place in the history of comics.

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