Saturday, October 17, 2015

Not So Easy But Still Easy

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Walt Scott took over the Sunday Captain Easy from Roy Crane in the late forties and continued it into the fifties, until the team that produced the daily took over the Sunday as well. His Easy has been neglected and maligned because he clearly was no Roy Crane. Then again, who is? Well, actually Leslie Turner, who took over the daily strip was the next best thing to Crane as he had been his assistant on the last few years of the strip. He actually was a very skilled artist and there are some who like his Easy as much as Crane's. Walt Scott was an NEA utility players, who was used to do political cartoons, specialty drawings and drew a lot of their special Christmas strips. He is best know for creating and drawing The Little Folk, where you can see his skill as a designer and a cartoonist. Which is all to say he was less suited to an adventure strip. Still, there are two areas he excelled at: the design of the strip, especially in the way he used color and pretty girls. In fact, the girls alone deserve him more attentio than he has had over the years. To give him the attention I think he deserves, I have bought a couple of yeras of his Sundays, which I will share when I have scanned and cleaned them. Until then, here are a couple from the end of his run in black and white and one I did myself, just to whet your appetite.

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