Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wartime Adventures

Saturday Leftover Day.

I have shown a complete sequence of Elmer Wexler's Vic Jordan in a previous post. This remarkable action strip, which ran in the early forties in the leftwing PS Newspaper and select others is worthy of a colection, if only for the fact that it features a hero saving a group of war prisoners from a French concentration camp in 1941. After Wexler left the strip, it was first continued by Paul Norris, who would later make a name for himself as the artist on Brick Bradford. Norris was a notable artist, one of the few who seems to have changed his stylistic preference from Alex Raymond (on Jungle Jim) to Milton Caniff (on Bradford). Here he is committed to neither and produced a nice atmospheric strip. After he left, the work was taken over by Bernard Baily, an artis with his own long and varied career in comics and newspaper strips. For those interested I recommend Ken Quattro's pieces on The Comics Detective.

I did not collect full runs of either artist and share with you the bits and pieces I have collected through the years.

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