Thursday, November 05, 2015

Here's To You, Mr. Anderson

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Last month golden and silver age comic creator Murphy Anderson dies. Apart from having a destinguished career at DC, he also did various stints as a newspaper stip artist, most notably on two different runs of Buck Rogers (in the late forties and the late fifties). I have shown several of those earlier, but I haven't shared yet are a couple of scans of an army information book that Mr. Anderson did in the later years of WWII. I would have scanned more, but sdaly apart from the fact that it was done by such a respected artist, there is not much to note except the fact that he did it. As a sideline I would note, in case Mr. Groth is reading this, that it is only a small sample of what I could have contributed to Fantagraphics recent Cartoonists for Victory book. Such a suberply edited and laid-out book, what a shame that more research was not done. A complaint I have of more Fantagraphics editions I have to say.

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