Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The King Of Kent

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have started scanning and preparing some of my longer comic strip runs. This is slow work, because often there are more strips in any Sunday section I have to do. Sometimes even at the back of single sheets. Anyway, here's where I got with King Aroo, a delightfull Pogoesk strip about a animalistic King and his subjects. Jack Kent wrote and drew the often poeticly silly strip for many years. For the first few years (which have been collected in two black and white volumes by IDW) he was officially syndicated. After that, he is said to have continued on his own. But when the drop-off point was and how long he actually went on, I do not know. Here is what Sundays I have of the second half of 1956, the fourth year of it's publication.

Dutch fellow collecor Arnaud sent me two King Aroo Sunday that were not in my run, so I have added them. You can recognize them by the superior color correction.

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