Tuesday, December 15, 2015

One Sunday At The Time

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Over the years I have tried to bring you all of Jack Cole's Betsy and Me strip. Some of it has been reprinted in Fantagraphics 'complete' collection, but as I have shown in previous posts, this book does not include all of Dwight Parks' strip from the beginnen of NOvember 1958 to the third week of December. I have found most of these strips in black and white and quite a lot of them in color. One day soon, I will put all them together, but there are still a couple of holes in my collection.

One question mark is regarding the starting date of the Sundays. The first Sunday in the Fantagraphics collection is dated 07-06-1958, but my own first Sunday was twee weeks before that and be the looks of it not really the first one. I suggest there may have been one or two before that. Well, this week I recieved a newspaper section that unexpectedly ha another Betsy and Me in it (the seller hadn't bothered to specify it), dated one week before that and it does read as if it ould be an introductory one. Which leaves only the June 29 Sunday undiscovered at the front end. The other one missing is from July 20 (with only two tier versions available from July 6 and July 27 as well as the one I am sharing here. Although I have many of Dwght Parks's Sunday in color, I am missing a couple there as well. But we are getiing there.

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