Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bird's Eye Browne

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Over the years I have shown many samples of Dik Browne advertising work for Johnstone and Cushing before (and after) he started drawing Hi and Lois. For most of his ads he developed a style that seems to have been based on the work of Penny artist Haenigson and apparently this style was so popular that he was asked to use it for a variety of brands and products, from tea to cigarettes. Although most of these ad series were in color, quite a few campaigns also seem to have had a daily component. I shared a long run of Roger Wilco daily strips to go with the colorful Sundays as well as several seperate daily series. Most of these seem to have occured tn the late forties and early fifties. If that is something to do woith advertising trends of Dick Browne's availablillity, I don't know.

Recently while scanning bound volume of the December 1949 edition of the Knickerbocker newspaper, I came across a whole lot of daily ads by Dik Browne (stylistically identical to those he signed) for Bolster. I found eight in the whole month, one of which was a double. Another one I have shown earlier from an online source, on which occasion it was dated 1951. The same goes for the two Bird's Eye Ads. One of them I have already shown as part of a more complete series, all of which were published in 1950.

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