Monday, December 21, 2015

Phoning It In

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Three Mort Meskin stories in Young Love #11, one of those 52 page issues. In all cases he was probably helped/inked by George Roussos. These stories illustrate why I was reluctant to show Meskin's work for Prize here. He is an exciting artist with a distinctive style, but after a while it all gets a bit samy, a bit... well, boring actually. Not helped by the rushed inking of Roussos, I must say. Still, there is enough to see. Apart form the car accident on panbel two and the studies in drapery you can find here, I point you to page 14 of the comic, where he ads a filmlike montage. I have never seen anything like it in a comic book. Jack Kirby used a lot of 'talking head panels' where three or more people were shown with their head only talking. I have written about those (which were very frequently used in Kirby's monster stories of the late fifties and never after that) and found Kirby had not originated that form - illustrating that with samples by Jack Cole, Alex Toth and others. But this silent montage panel is new to me. A variation on the existing Talking Head Panels, something asked for by the inexperienced writer or a genuine trouvaille by Meskin?

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