Sunday, December 20, 2015

Everyone Needs A Speciality

Saturday Leftover Day.

I first noticed Bob Bugg's artwork on the late fifties series of Camels cigarette ads featuring Sergeant Bilko, all of which you can find here: After that, I came across his destinctive style as an illustrator in Pictorial Review, which you can find here: Then I discovered he had done a sepreate Camels series for soldiers without Bilko (I guess, the army was not a fan of the character), some of which I gathered here: And finally I found out he did another cigarettes series right after Bilko, this time for Philip Morris, spoofing movie genres, which I am copying here. I have most of them here in black and white, but I scanned two other color samples this week which I have added in their place. I could also replace one with a color scan thanks to my internet friend Mike Vassallo, who is doing posts about his stash of New York Sunday News papers here:


Smurfswacker said...

There's an amusing "pop culture reference" in the "Casablank" episode. The pianist is thinking, "It's too shrill, man" and "Still too shrill, man." These are the lines spoken by the be-bop piano player in Stan Freberg's popular 1957 parody of "The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)." The writer must have slipped it in and the client missed it...or else thought it was funny and deliberately left it in.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

It all shows how the 'satirical' boom of the early sixties grew out of a general mood in the late fifties. Some say that it was started and caused by Mad, but in the UK the same thing was happening, so it probaby was wider than that. Or Mad's influence went even firther than you might think.