Friday, December 18, 2015

Little Additionel

Friday Comic Book Day.

A couple of years ago I shared the two Little Lionel stories Irv Spector did for Stan Lee in 1945. When Lee returned to Timely after the war, he employed a couple of news artists to rejuvenate the line. One of those was Harvey Kurtzman, who drew a couple of funny stories and pretty soon started doing his famous one pagers called Hey look. Irv Spector was another (and just as lively) cartoonist. he did not do a lot of stories, in fact Little Lionel may well have been the only one (although I did show a couple of stories he may have pencilled. Today, I came across a third Little Lionel story, one I did not know about. It has Spector's storyboardlike quality and is a lot of fun.

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