Monday, February 29, 2016

Ffinding Llewelyn

Friday Comic Book Day.

Last year I have started a new strip with Dutch realistic artist Fred de Heij. I have always admired his art, which ranges from the satirical to pulpy to historical realism. He is particulary good at facial and body expressions, making him perfect for my scenarios (which show evidence of the fact that I am primarily a tv and stage writer). The new series we are going to do is a 'remake' of an older series form the seventies, which was done for the Dutch weekly Pep, but abandonned after thre episodes because the artist wasn't happy to be confined to the comic page. This artist, by the, evolved into one of the prime political, satirical and erotic cartoonists of the Netherlands, whose work deserves a wider audience. I have always admired the concept of this series, which can be described as a cross between the television series Ripper Street and Fringe. The hero of the story, Llewelyn Fflint is a librarian at the National History Museum in London in 1963 (a couple of years before Jack the Ripper, so he won't be appearing) I wrote the strip in English and am now translating it into Dutch to be lettered. But we did a half page to try out the right letter, so here it is. The full series will be in the new quarterly Strip Glossy with a 12 page episode every three months.

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