Monday, February 29, 2016

More Scorchy

Saturday Leftover Day.

Last Thursday I told you about George Tuska 'lost' Sunday strip Scorchy Smith. All I have ever see from those are black and white scans taken from microfiche copies. Blog friend Smurfwhacker suggested the reason the Sundays from this strip are so scarce because syndicate AP's client list mostly consisted of small town papers that did not have a Sunday. I have shown as many of the Sundays as I could find in a readable state (the microfiche process did not always translated the darker colors very well). Going back through the link (which I suggest you do too), I found I have not done the last few months of the strip, probably because so few of them were usable. But here are the last two I have, very near the end of Tuska's run on the Sundays - although he did continue the dialy for another two years. I suspect that there may even be some Pete Morisi ining on the second one? Morisi was a friend and sometimes studio mate of Tuska, whose style was influenced by him - and possibly the other way around as well.

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