Saturday, May 21, 2016

Covering Meskin

Sunday Meskin Measures.

By 1954 Mort Meskin was on his way out at Prize. After his 'own' psychcoanalysis comic Strange World of your Dreams failed and Simon and Kirby's own company Mianline (where he had followed them) had gone under, he tried to get a foothold at DC, where he had to work a lot slicker than he did at Prize. This change in style is visible in his last two covers. gorgeous both. While creating a new identity for himself at DC he also did a couple of great stories for Harvey, but it was at DC that he spend his last few years as a comic book artist, before making the step to the much more lucrative and appreciative advertising world.

Next step for me if to see what I have shown from Meskin's crime work at Prize and see if I have some more of these books in my own collection rather than relying on The Digital Comic Book Archives. To start, here is one of the first I haven't done yet from Headline.

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