Monday, May 23, 2016

Don In Another One

Monday Cartoon Day.

Over the years I have shared some of the cartoon work done in the forties by Don Calhoun. He drew in an UPC influenced style quite similar to that of Jules Feiffer ten years later. Looking in to his life, I found that he had worked in advertising, reaching a high position at the McCann agency and ended up writing a satirical novel about the advertising bussiness. He also did a piece for Look magazine in 1946 about a kid running the country, which makes the comparison to Jules Feiffer (who broke through as a cartoonist with a story about a boy being trated as a normal army conscript in Munro) all th emore to the point. I have found a couple more cartoons by Calhoun and that seemed to be it, but now I have yet another two pager from 1000 Jokes. Showing his skill as a writer as well as an artist, it is a nice addition to an the work of an otherwise unknown cartoonist. I did however also finds two pages of a longre article on McCann from a magazine calle dSponsor, one with a photo of Calhoun and one with some more information about his position at McCann's. When I showed his material the first time, I was contacted by a family member, who told m ehe was still alive and approaching 100. Chances are that he is no longer with us now, but I would love to hear about it.

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