Tuesday, June 07, 2016

All Rise For The Judge

Thursday Comic Strip Day.

Collecting Dan Heilman's The american Adventure made me a fan of his style. Eventhough his second strip, Judge Parker, was a lot more sedate graphically, his simplified version of the Milt Caniff style works really well. Several people have remarked that he is nogt helped by the writing style of his partner on this strip. Sometimes it seems nothing happens for days. Still, it ran for many years. And in my opinion the Heilman years are the ones to look out for.

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EricMontreal22 said...

I know Nick Dallis' soap strips often get mocked by collectors--the exception being Apartment 3-G due to Kotzky's artwork--but they hold a soft spot for me, and the glacial pacing is just a part of that (same goes for Mary Worth). It's hard for me to find pre Harold LeDoux Judge Parker strips so thank you for this!

One question--I can't make out the copyrights... what year would these be from?