Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Teen Powell

Friday Comic Book Day.

For most of the sixties Bob Powell had disappeared into his work for Sick (with a few small sidesteps as a magazine illustrator). I have written an article for Alter Ego about his last few years as an active artist which I hope oy Thomas will soon be able to publish (but I have written more than one article for him, at least one of which will come sooner). When Sick crimbled in the mid-sixties (and before he was diagnozed with cander) he had to go out and look for new accounts. One of these was with the youth magazine Teen Life, where former Miss America editor Bessy Little was in charge. She hired him to illustrate a teen strip called Teena-a-gogo, which soon was turned into a newspaper strips as well. Though shortrun, I have ben able to show a lot of those (though sadly not all the Sunday pages, which I am still looking for). Before that he did a couple of one-off strips for Teen Life. Maybe these were his first work for the magazine. Anyway, if we can classify hs later worked as mostly forgotten, strips like this are firtually unknown.

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joecab said...

Derek Leckenby, the Velma Dinkley of the English Beat generation.