Monday, July 04, 2016

The Orv Stuff

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I don't really care for Rick Yager's Buck rogers. I think his style is messy and doesn't have a science fiction feel. He was much more at his place when he started the Sunday only kid's strip Orvy. like many comics strip kids before him, he traveled to different (or often imiginary) places to live the sort of adventures kids dream about. Yager started the strip to get out under his Buck Rogers contract and as far as I know the succes of the strip was scuttled by the bad syndication. With fantasy and even parody an element of the strip, his often fancyfull style was much more at it's place and thhrough the years I have strated to like the strip - at least enough to scan whatI have and clip a black and white one every now and then.

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Smurfswacker said...

Your opinions of Yager's work parallel mine. Not crazy about his Buck, but I enjoy his Orvy strips. The only thing that drives me crazy (it looked even worse on Buck Rogers) is Yager's overuse of wiggle lines, stars, starbursts, and especially flying sweat.

megabulk said...

It's like a real precursor to Calvin and Hobbes.

Francis DiMenno said...

Booth Tarkington wrote a novel called "Little Orvie". Wonder if there's any connection?