Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Man Walked Into The Office...

Saturday Leftover Day.

Somewhere in 1949 (or possibly late 1948) Mort Waker joined Dell to become editor on their humor magazine 1000 Jokes. His name appears in all four 1950 issues, and maybe a few more around the edges. For the most part, he did not have any cartoons in them but his name or initials do appear on some of the text pieces. Since I have ben collecting Mort Walker cartoons from the start of this blog, I don't really have a good overview of what I have and haven't shown and I intend to make a complete list of what I have one of these days. Recently, I also got a copy of the Summer 1949 issue of 1000 Jokes, which has not yet has Mort Walker as an editor, but does feautire some spot illustrtions that I think are by him. Spot illustrations were rarely (actually never) used in 1000 Jokes, so this may represent his entrence into te magazine.

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