Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Monday Cartoon Day.

I have been going through my collection of early fifties cartoon magazines to scans the last of the material that interests me. I usually start by scanning the work of Mort Walker, Virgi Partch and Hank Ketcham. But there are more interesting cartoonists. Some of them I skip at first because they do so much work - artists such as Henry Boltinoff or Reamer Keller appear in every magazine several times. Scanning them takes a lot of seperte actiosn,a lot of time. But here they are, the best of the second best: Dave Gerard, Henry Boltinoff, Reamer Keller, Paul Murray and later comic strip artists such as Mel Lazerus, George Crenshaw and Brad Anderson. The first set is the latest of the lot. In 1949 the cartoon magazine Gags changed it's size from broadsheet to a normal magazine size. It ran monthly into late 1951 - the most interesting cartoon magazin eof it's period to get. After that, it changed it's title to Here! and ran for five more issues into 1952. Added feature was a regular page about two of it's regular artists, most of which I have included here (having shown the one with Mort Walker earlier).

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