Monday, December 12, 2016

By George!

Monday Cartoon Day.

I may have mentioned this before, but my love of the work of George Crenshaw stems from the fact that one of his earlier (and less famous) comic strips, Nubbin', was used in my favorite comics magazine Pep when I was much, much younger. He later became famous for Belvedere, which was also published in Holland. But by then he had almost lost the animation roots of his style. Because like Hank Ketcham (Dennis the Menace), Virgil Partch (VIP) and Dick Shaw, he had started with Walt Disney. While these two gentlemen moved to cartooning immediately, Crenshaw went to MG and worked on Tom and Jerry as well. In the fifties, he slowly became a full time cartoonist, working - like all of his colleagues - for the ultimate prize: a daily series of his own.

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