Friday, January 06, 2017

Behaving Baily

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Bernard Baily was an entrepeneur as much as he was an artist. Towards the end of the forties he had already his own studio and from that time and into the fifties he was not shy to take on any number of projects. Eventhough he had a pretty serious style, he also worked in the Mad imitation racket which is the subject of my new book Behaving Madly (out in march/april). What you haven't pre-ordered yours? Use the link on the right to go to Amazon.

Recently I came across a collection on one and two page funny material in a satirical style, that looked familiar and unknown at the same time. There was a whole bunch of them, devided over two magazines. After looking at them for a while, I saw that they probably looked so familiar because they were drawn by Barnard Baily is his 'funny' style. As a comparison I have uploaded a picture from an article he did in Cracked #3 as well, where you can see his signature way of making a face groteskly big.Totally different inking style, but the satirical vibe is the same. Here are the pages I have. One is from a magazine called Wow! and the other as well, but since my copy has no cover I am not sure what year that was.

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