Saturday, January 07, 2017

Clueless Joe

Friday Comic Book Day.

Timely/Atlas star Joe Maneely did not always or only work for Stan Lee's outfit. He started at Street and Smith, where he worked alongside his hero Edd Cartier. In Alter Ego #105 (Roy Thomas' unmissable fanzine) African-American artist Cal Massey talks about Maneely and how he had a studio in the same building as the Hussian Art School he went to. Massay did some work (actually quite a lot) for an lesser known comic book publisher called Cross, mainly for their crime book The Perfect Crime. I have shown some of it in an earlier post. W In the interview Massey mentions that he also recommended Maneely to go to St. John's but I haven't found any of his work there yet. Was he misremembering Maneely's sale to The Perfect Crime?

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