Saturday, February 18, 2017

Puzzle Collector

Saturday Leftover Day.

I have been researching The period that European artists Morris (Lucky Luke) and Jijé (Jerry Spring) stayed in New York, met Harvey Kurtzman and through him Morris met Goscinny (Asterix) who went on to write Lucky Luke for him. Goscinny also worked with Goscinny on children's books for Kunen, both together and seperately (although Kurtzman did many more). Here is the whole of Goscinny's solo book, which like all the others is a puzzle book. The reader could take out parts and put them in again. I don't know how popular they were, but all of the copies I have seen still had all of the pieces in. By the way, another artist/contemporary working for Kunen was Fred Ottenheimer, who had been to school with Kurtzman (though not the same year or class) and wold later do a lot of work for the Charlton Mad imitations Eh! and From Here To Insanity. He is included with a great four page television commercial parody in my book Behaving Madly.


nodnarB said...

Hi Ger, thanks for sharing this really nice and interesting book! I was wondering if you had scans from any of the Kurtzman puzzle books? I'm a big fan of Kurtzmans solo work and would love to see them!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

If I had them I would share them immediately.

nodnarB said...

Thanks Ger, and I hope you find some!