Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valderie Valdera

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Over the last few yearsI have been showing the late forties/early fifties oddity Dawn O'Day, a sometimes funny adventure strip by Val Heinz in the Milt Caniff style. In the early years we could see he started in a clumsy style all of his own, but from week to week he grew into the Milt Caniff style and used it to cover up his weaknesses. I believe that is one of the reasons this style was so popular by comic book artist. On the one hand it forced artists to think more graphicly and subsequently become better comic artists. On the other hand it could be used to cover up whatever the artist could not really draw that well.

In these 1951 episodes we can see Heinz has become quite a good storyteller, using the black and white effects of his style to the best use.

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