Thursday, May 25, 2017

Action Heroes

Thursday Story Strip Day.

These days I almost have more realistic strip from the forties to share than anything else. But only because I have such nice long runs of everything. Here are several years of True comics. The stories were always short and often drawn by guest artists. Main artist seems to have been Sam Glankoff, who is rep[resented here the most (even if he doesn;t sign). But I see other hands as well. I just can't recognize any of the, I think these stories were recut for use in the comic book version. Maybe one day I should do a search on the Grand Comicbook Database.

I am ending with a selection of black and white pages from an online source, which I have left uncut.


jhegenbe said...

I'm seeing a huge amount of Joe Simon in these.

El Vox said...

These are great! I wish they still did newspaper comics like this still. They not only provide adventure, but history as well.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

You are right. He did every other month in 1942, I believe. I once combared them to the comic book that was made of it and found they were the same. I will have another look and report here. THose were written by Milt Gross, by the way - who turned out to be another Milt Gross than the famous cartoonist. I forgot about that and will report in it as soon as I am back from the Munich Comic Convention.