Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Salt Water Salesmen

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In at least one interview Stan Drake claimed he was allowed to sign his ads for Johnstone and Cushing. I have never found a signature, not even in his series of Ipana ads. I think he also did the unsigned Sal Hepatica ads for the same manufacturor and have shown some before. Here are two, that look a bit odd though. The first one is definitively his, but I am not sure if he inked it himself. The second may be his, but seems to have been inked by Jack Betts. Sal hepatica was an interesting product - a laxative mineral salt that, when dissolved in water, reproduced the taste and effects of the natural mineral waters of Bohemia.It's manufacturer Bristol and Myers dropped the produt in 1960 but went on to become Squibb, one of the biggest farmaceutical companies.

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